2020’s top economic jargon

If the economic concepts that arise this year don’t make much sense to you, congratulations: you’re not alone. To give you a fighting chance at keeping up, we have borrowed from The Age columnist, Jessica Irvine’s top 10 list of economic jargon words or phrases you’ll need to avoid looking silly at dinner parties this year.

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Centrelink Wait Times

Centrelink logo

With an ageing population and an ever-increasing number of people applying for Centrelink benefits, the processing times of applications is understandably getting longer.

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What’s my Retirement Purpose

Retirement for most people is a daunting consideration – it is letting go of consistent security (often found through work and income) to financially support yourself (and dependents) for the rest of your life.
We often ask clients, what is your ‘purpose’ in retirement? A consideration that varies significantly from person to person.

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Marie Kondo your money

Marie Kondo’s principles of tidying aren’t just for your closets, cupboards and the kitchen pantry! The Japanese decluttering expert has made a name for herself with the KonMari method which revolves around discarding personal items that no longer spark joy.

We’ve taken some of her ideas, overlayed some of the more common financial manifestations we see and proudly present, the Muirfield financial spring clean!

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How to hide money from Centrelink – Legally

Not a day goes go by where I am not asked some form of question about how best to structure (hide) money to protect and improve a Centrelink benefit.

Whilst the term “hiding money” brings thoughts of illegal activity to mind, there are legitimate strategies available to you to preserve or enhance your eligibility for a Centrelink benefit.

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