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Centrelink Update

In recent weeks, we have received numerous calls inquiring about Centrelink applications and the associated delays. Additionally, many of our clients have been receiving a significant number of letters from Centrelink.

To assist you in understanding these letters and determining if any action is needed, we’ve prepared a brief summary along with an estimate of application processing times.

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Scam Protection

Protecting yourself from scams is crucial in today’s digital age where scammers are constantly finding new ways to target individuals and steal personal information. Here are some tips to help you stay safe and avoid falling victim to scams.

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Add to Super, save tax.

We’ve put together a short list of our top tax saving tips (using your superannuation) so you can keep more income in your back pocket and less in the ATO’s coffers this financial year.

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The fast way to a life supported by passive income

Imagine that, without any effort on your part, enough money regularly pours into your bank account to meet (or exceed) all your living expenses. Suddenly, work becomes optional and a world of opportunities opens up. That’s the ultimate in passive income – all your financial needs met without lifting a finger.

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When love blossoms later in life…

Throughout life, as two people move towards a more serious relationship, various challenges need to be addressed.  None more so than finances.  Each partner will have their own set of financial circumstances and “baggage” which grow more complicated the older we get.

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