Benefits of Discipline and Diversification

The strength of Muirfield’s Investment process was on display in 2020. Its almost a one year to the day since the Australian share market began to wobble. In this article we discuss how the scary numbers you see on the news each night are not necessarily reflected in your own portfolio performance.

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The Ultimate Guide To A Hard-Earned Retirement

We’ve put together this document to assist pre-retirees on their journey to retirement. But you’ll find it useful even if you’re already enjoying all that retirement has to offer.

It’s about 30 pages long and is a single resource for all your retirement questions.

Use the guide to brush up your financial knowledge and share with friends and family as you please. Knowledge is power after all—especially when it comes to personal finance.

We Cover These Major Themes in the Guide:

• When Should I Retire?
• How Much Income Do I Need in Retirement?
• How Much Super Will I Need to Retire?
• How Do I Choose the Right Super Fund?
• How Does Superannuation Work When I’m Retired?
• How to Maximise Your Age Pension in Retirement?
• Do I Need to Prepare a ‘Will’ & What is Estate Planning?

And finally, we give you some parting words of advice before wishing you well on your retirement journey.

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Key Investment Themes in 2021 and Lessons Learnt from 2020

A global pandemic, followed by a swift response from Government, community and industry had a big impact on Australian retirees and investors in 2020.
A lot of changes came in the form of acceleration or disruption. But perhaps the big changes might still be ahead of us in the form of new possibilities.
Here’s a short summary of the key themes we think will dominate the next 12 months and beyond.

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2020… What Happened? From ‘Armageddon’ to ‘Not Bad’ for Australian Investors

There were big differentials in share market performance around the world. Australian shares underperformed against broader global markets despite a less severe progression of COVID-19 compared to North America and Europe. Overall though, it was not a bad outcome for the Australian share market and client superannuation balances considering early forecast for the ’end of days.’

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2020… A Year to Forget?

2020 has been one we would almost rather forget. But let’s not overlook all the good things that have happened. In this article we review major events of 2020 and provide advice on staying upbeat and keeping your financial house in order.

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