Downsizing Your Home & The New Super Contributions

In retirement, we often speak to clients who want to downsize their home. Whether it’s because the children have long since moved on and extra bedrooms are no longer required, the maintenance of the garden is becoming an issue or simply to free up capital to supplement retirement income there are many reasons to consider…

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Nominating beneficiaries for your Super

We often receive questions about superannuation benefits and how they would be paid out to loved ones in the event of death.  Questions often arise because of the common misconception superannuation forms part of your estate. Superannuation is not an estate asset and will not automatically get distributed according to your Will.  Super has its…

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More Flexibility for Tax Effective Super Contributions

Salary sacrificing into super is a popular strategy for clients looking to tax effectively maximise their retirement savings.  As of 1 July 2017, many individuals now have the additional option of making personal deductible contributions. This means everyone now has greater flexibility around how they make tax effective contributions to super. What has changed? Since…

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