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You don’t have to navigate redundancy alone.

If you aren’t sure how redundancy will affect you, what you need to be doing, or who to speak with, we can take the pressure off by guiding you through your options.


If you’re facing the prospect of a redundancy, or have been made redundant, and you’re concerned about your financial future we can help you:

  • Determine the value of your redundancy package
  • Review options to replace your income
  • Assess what Centrelink entitlements may be available
  • Decide on the best strategy for managing your super

Receiving a redundancy is a great opportunity to make a fresh start in life; our team can make sure that you get on the right track.

Make redundancy right for you

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What our clients say

“When I left Ford it was at the start of the GFC. You always spoke positively about the future even though I wanted to shut down Wall St and all the cowboys who worked there. Your positiveness (if that’s a word) has been recognised by me as one of your strengths.  Being a ‘fitter and turner’ I have always been comfortable knowing that our discussions are always in my language and not in the world of corporate finance.”

Peter Kelly

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