Retirement Planning

Tips For A Meaningful Retirement

Muirfield recently published an article in the Surf Coast Times “Celebrating Seniors and Retirement Living” liftout. The article explored 5 tips for a meaningful retirement.

Retiring is one of the most significant life changes people make and for most retirees the transition is a relatively easy one to navigate. For some, adjusting to life after work can be more difficult, particularly when people have spent a lifetime finding meaning and social connection in their careers. Obviously, the decision to retire is a big one from a financial perspective, however, over time, I have come to appreciate the importance of preparing my clients for retirement emotionally as well as financially.

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Are You Retirement Age Ready?

As an adviser who specialises in retirement planning advice, I meet with people on a daily basis who are often stressed and concerned about the thought of approaching Retirement. The question most often asked is, “at what age can I retire.” I find these concerns are often triggered by many misconceptions including the belief that:…

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Working Past Age Pension Age

There are a number of considerations to take into account when contemplating retirement, or a move to part-time work. If you continue working past Age Pension Age, individuals who scale back their hours often benefit from the gradual transition into life after work. For some, retaining the social support of a work environment can be…

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Reminder: You’re doing fine!

And we know you’re doing fine, because you’re reading this and are clearly interested in actively securing your lifestyle in retirement. You are either working to develop a plan for your future or already have one in place. You are ahead of the curve. According to a study done by MLC, of the Australians who…

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