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How to hide money from Centrelink – Legally

Not a day goes go by where I am not asked some form of question about how best to structure (hide) money to protect and improve a Centrelink benefit.

Whilst the term “hiding money” brings thoughts of illegal activity to mind, there are legitimate strategies available to you to preserve or enhance your eligibility for a Centrelink benefit.

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Term Deposits – Where to go when rates are low?

The Reserve Bank of Australia cut rates to a new record low of 1% in July – Borrowers cheered the announcement, however retirees and savers sitting in Term Deposits or cash have seen an already low return, cut even lower.

With most 12-month Term Deposit rates now sitting under 2%pa, the big question is where to from here to achieve a greater return on investment?

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Changes to Centrelink Deeming Rates

Many of you will have heard of the term “deeming”. It is a method used by Centrelink to determine your income when assessing your eligibility for a benefit. Rather than have you declare the exact earnings from your shares or bank accounts, Centrelink “deem” these financial assets to earn a set rate of return.

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