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How to hide money from Centrelink – Legally

Not a day goes go by where I am not asked some form of question about how best to structure (hide) money to protect and improve a Centrelink benefit.

Whilst the term “hiding money” brings thoughts of illegal activity to mind, there are legitimate strategies available to you to preserve or enhance your eligibility for a Centrelink benefit.

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Term Deposits – Where to go when rates are low?

The Reserve Bank of Australia cut rates to a new record low of 1% in July – Borrowers cheered the announcement, however retirees and savers sitting in Term Deposits or cash have seen an already low return, cut even lower.

With most 12-month Term Deposit rates now sitting under 2%pa, the big question is where to from here to achieve a greater return on investment?

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Changes to Centrelink Deeming Rates

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Many of you will have heard of the term “deeming”. It is a method used by Centrelink to determine your income when assessing your eligibility for a benefit. Rather than have you declare the exact earnings from your shares or bank accounts, Centrelink “deem” these financial assets to earn a set rate of return.

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Should you use a travel card when overseas?

As clients prepare to escape the winter blues with an overseas trip, we hear a lot of questions about travel currency cards. There is a lot of debate as to whether or not travel cards are useful or if they’re a rip-off, and unfortunately, it’s not a simple question to answer.  It boils down to…

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Nominating beneficiaries for your Super

We often receive questions about superannuation benefits and how they would be paid out to loved ones in the event of death.  Questions often arise because of the common misconception superannuation forms part of your estate. Superannuation is not an estate asset and will not automatically get distributed according to your Will.  Super has its…

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Introducing the My Estate Planning Profile

Typically, estate planning is a relatively straightforward process. For most individuals having a Will, Power of Attorney, and Superannuation Beneficiary Nomination is quite enough. While it’s a great first step to have all of these measures in place, it only tells half the story when it comes time for your Executor to administer your estate. …

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