2020’s top economic jargon

Muirfield recently published an article in the Surf Coast Times “Celebrating Seniors and Retirement Living” liftout. The article explored 5 tips for a meaningful retirement.

Retiring is one of the most significant life changes people make and for most retirees the transition is a relatively easy one to navigate. For some, adjusting to life after work can be more difficult, particularly when people have spent a lifetime finding meaning and social connection in their careers. Obviously, the decision to retire is a big one from a financial perspective, however, over time, I have come to appreciate the importance of preparing my clients for retirement emotionally as well as financially.

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2019 Financial Year in review

With end of the financial year now behind us we take a look back at what happened in investment markets and financial circles over the previous 12

In short, 2018/2019 was a bumpy ride, though we still managed to see positive returns in all major asset classes.

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Term Deposits – Where to go when rates are low?

The Reserve Bank of Australia cut rates to a new record low of 1% in July – Borrowers cheered the announcement, however retirees and savers sitting in Term Deposits or cash have seen an already low return, cut even lower.

With most 12-month Term Deposit rates now sitting under 2%pa, the big question is where to from here to achieve a greater return on investment?

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What’s happening with investment markets?

As I am sure you are aware we’ve experienced a lot of share market volatility in recent weeks.  In order to alleviate some of the stress caused by this uncertainty we have put together a summary to help clarify the recent declines in your account balance, provide some longer-term context and highlight our investment beliefs…

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Mortgage Terms Explained

Owning a property is the Great Australian Dream.  Home-ownership is perceived to be the pathway to a better life, one full of success and security. While we all want a part of this dream, for most potential homeowners the only way to enter the property market involves borrowing funds. When sourcing the best mortgage for…

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Got Spare Cash? Moves for the Savvy Investor

Should you be in a position to, you might find yourself asking “What should I do with any spare income I have”? While there are many options available, some, such as taking a holiday or buying yourself new clothes, gadgets or a car are great for your enjoyment; you might want to consider making some…

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State of the Market

There has been a lot of doom and gloom in the media lately about the recent fall in the sharemarket. Headlines such as “ASX loses $56 billion as investors join global stock rout” (The Age – 6 February) and “Aussie Sharemarket Bloodbath” (Herald Sun – 6 February) would have made any investor nervous. However, we…

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The award winning fund in your account!

Our clients with MLC accounts will be pleased to learn that one of the underlying funds in their portfolios has won an award! The MLC Inflation Plus fund, which is a staple in the MLC portfolios we maintain for many of our clients, was voted the best fund in the “Multi-Asset Real Return category” at…

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Investment Update: Sept 2017

The Muirfield Financial Services Investment Committee recently completed its half-yearly update. As such, we thought it would be a good time to reiterate some of the investment philosophies that we use when making investment decisions on client portfolios. We believe this is particularly relevant given the recent volatility in markets as a result of North…

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A brief review of 2016 and expectations for the year ahead

Proving that no one has a Crystal Ball, economists and presidential pollsters alike are looking back on 2016 and wondering how they got it all so wrong. As AMP’s Chief Economist, Shane Oliver, recently noted, “2016 was perhaps remarkable for the things that many thought were obvious at the start of the year but did…

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