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Should you use a travel card when overseas?

As clients prepare to escape the winter blues with an overseas trip, we hear a lot of questions about travel currency cards. There is a lot of debate as to whether or not travel cards are useful or if they’re a rip-off, and unfortunately, it’s not a simple question to answer.  It boils down to…

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Nominating beneficiaries for your Super

We often receive questions about superannuation benefits and how they would be paid out to loved ones in the event of death.  Questions often arise because of the common misconception superannuation forms part of your estate. Superannuation is not an estate asset and will not automatically get distributed according to your Will.  Super has its…

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Introducing the My Estate Planning Profile

Typically, estate planning is a relatively straightforward process. For most individuals having a Will, Power of Attorney, and Superannuation Beneficiary Nomination is quite enough. While it’s a great first step to have all of these measures in place, it only tells half the story when it comes time for your Executor to administer your estate. …

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