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How to make the most of retirement

Retirement symbolises the transition from accumulating to enjoying.
 It is a time when many have reached their earnings peak, remain in good health, and are free to do whatever they please.  However, countless retirees enter retirement somewhat concerned about what the future might hold and we find many are out of their comfort zone.  Plain and simple, retirement should be about enjoying the rewards of the hard work you’ve done over a lifetime so we’ve compiled a few tips to retire happy and remain happy.


Some find that the biggest drawback of retirement is boredom.  Although we often can’t wait to get away from work we forget that it provides us with security, a sense of purpose and well, something to do everyday.  By getting involved in the community, pursuing personal interests and being sociable you will hopefully have something to look forward to everyday.  It can be as simple as picking the grand kids up from school everyday or helping the local footy team.  At the end of the day it all boils down to having a sense of purpose, something to get you out of bed.  Being active also helps with boredom and overall wellbeing which leads to the next point, health.


It is well documented that maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle closely correlates to happiness, longevity and naturally, physical and mental wellbeing.  In retirement it is no different, if not more important.  Whilst existing health issues may be a limiting factor, any exercise can help and being retired you’ve typically got more time in the day to do it.  This doesn’t mean you have to run a marathon or ride the Tour de France, it can be as simple as doing the gardening, having a round of golf or walking the river.    Not only are there physical and mental health benefits, it can also help you fill in the day and allows you to be sociable.  Just get outside and be active.


Last but not least, financial security is a very important aspect of enjoying retirement.  This doesn’t necessarily mean having more money.  Rather having your finances in order can provide great peace of mind and will give you a great perspective of what you can and can’t do. We tend to find the feeling of not knowing whether you have enough money to survive can severely erode what enjoyment you have in retirement.  Speaking to a qualified adviser will not only help improve your financial position heading into retirement, it will map your retirement and give you a sense of control, something which cannot be understated.

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