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Investment Update – June 2020

Muirfield Financial Services

A Wild Ride to Say the Least Those familiar winter activities like heading to the pub for a drink with friends or watching a game of footy are a welcome sight with COVID-19 restrictions starting to ease. We’ve been ‘through the wringer’, and a lot of Australians are yearning to get back into a routine.…

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2020’s top economic jargon

If the economic concepts that arise this year don’t make much sense to you, congratulations: you’re not alone. To give you a fighting chance at keeping up, we have borrowed from The Age columnist, Jessica Irvine’s top 10 list of economic jargon words or phrases you’ll need to avoid looking silly at dinner parties this year.

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Marie Kondo your money

Marie Kondo’s principles of tidying aren’t just for your closets, cupboards and the kitchen pantry! The Japanese decluttering expert has made a name for herself with the KonMari method which revolves around discarding personal items that no longer spark joy.

We’ve taken some of her ideas, overlayed some of the more common financial manifestations we see and proudly present, the Muirfield financial spring clean!

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Tips For A Meaningful Retirement

Muirfield recently published an article in the Surf Coast Times “Celebrating Seniors and Retirement Living” liftout. The article explored 5 tips for a meaningful retirement.

Retiring is one of the most significant life changes people make and for most retirees the transition is a relatively easy one to navigate. For some, adjusting to life after work can be more difficult, particularly when people have spent a lifetime finding meaning and social connection in their careers. Obviously, the decision to retire is a big one from a financial perspective, however, over time, I have come to appreciate the importance of preparing my clients for retirement emotionally as well as financially.

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2018 Year in Review and What’s Ahead

We reflect on the events of 2018 before looking at what’s in store for investment markets in 2019.

In 2019 we see market volatility persisting given we’re facing another election, further interest rate speculation, predicted house price falls and global political games.

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