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Autumn eNews 2014

During the first quarter of 2014 we have witnessed client investment portfolios retaining the strong gains of 2013.

The sharemarket fell in January, rose in February and marked time in March.  Interestingly the $A has shown some recovery from 88c US to now be 92c US.  This now makes international travel a bit cheaper than at the end of last year but not as cheap as mid year.

On the Muirfield front we congratulate Joanne Whitworth on her retirement after 16 years of helping you achieve your financial goals.  Joanne has had a strong influence on both the direction and tone of Muirfield, its staff and in turn her clients.

We thank Joanne for her positive involvement in our business and from the many cards, flowers, gifts and thankyou emails and notes we can see she has played a very important part in the lives of the many clients with whom she has worked.

Joanne’s retirement has been made easier knowing that the future needs of her clients will be capably met by Tamara Carman and Ngan Bui.  Both ladies have been with Muirfield for many years, are highly qualified and in most cases have been working with Joanne’s clients for some time.  This makes the transition much easier for all involved.

Thankyou Joanne and enjoy all that retirement has on offer.

In other news we discuss the importance of estate planning, give you an update on the footy tipping competition, present some new videos we have recently developed, outline some of the changes to superannuation which may affect you and Kate Officer is our staff in spotlight.


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