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Aged Care Advice – Food for Thought


The weekday grind and demands of everyday life mean that many of us find it hard to assign time to visit our parents, who may be living afar – or even across town!.

It is when we spend time together we start to see the daily concerns our parents may be facing.  However, declining health and everyday challenges for elderly parents can come as a surprise to us.  Little things they have managed to cope with in the past may now be too much.

Although a somewhat sensitive topic, Aged Care is a discussion that needs to be had with your ageing parents.  Family reunions over a holiday period can be a good time for you and your siblings to start planning ahead with your parents.

Whilst future aged care is a very delicate topic, planning can help relieve many of the worries which can arise.

Some things which need to be taken into account when considering Aged Care include:

  • What will it cost?
  • Do I have to sell the family home?
  • What will happen with my assets?
  • The choice of Aged Care facility.
  • Level of care and nursing needs.
  • Centrelink pension implications.
  • Estate Planning and legal implications.

While some specific issues can be left until the need arises, it is never too early to start getting an understanding.

Melinda Planken is Muirfield Financial Services own Aged Care specialist.  Melinda is a Certified Financial Planner® who can guide you through the maze of Aged Care information and assist you to make the right decisions.

Click here to book an appointment with Melinda to discuss your Aged Care queries.

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