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The Ultimate Guide To A Hard-Earned Retirement

The team at Muirfield Financial Services are excited to announce the release of our new guide:

“The Ultimate Guide to a Hard-Earned Retirement”

We’ve put together this document to assist pre-retirees on their journey to retirement. But you’ll find it useful even if you’re already enjoying all that retirement has to offer.

As a team, we take great pride in showing you a safe and steady path to a secure retirement. It doesn’t take a stockpile of gold bullion or three houses and a million-dollar share portfolio to retire either. This is not a guide for corporate executives after all.

It’s a guide for hard-working Australians who’ve saved enough for retirement and even those who haven’t due to difficult life circumstances.

It’s about 30 pages long and is a single resource for all your retirement questions. The guide comes in the form of a printable PDF. Print it out and refer to it when you need or save it in a folder on your PC.

Use the guide to brush up on your financial knowledge and share it with friends and family as you please. Knowledge is power after all—especially when it comes to personal finance.

We Cover These Major Themes in the Guide:

  • When Should I Retire?
  • How Much Income Do I Need in Retirement?
  • How Much Super Will I Need to Retire?
  • How Do I Choose the Right Super Fund?
  • How Does Superannuation Work When I’m Retired?
  • How to Maximise Your Age Pension in Retirement?
  • Do I Need to Prepare a ‘Will’ & What is Estate Planning?

And finally, we give you some parting words of advice before wishing you well on your retirement journey.


If you have any questions after reading this short guide, then feel free to speak with one of our friendly advisers for a chat.

Please enjoy the guide and if you have any feedback then we’d love to hear it.

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Wishing you every success for your financial future.

The Muirfield Team.

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