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Save on health insurance while travelling


Most of us would never travel overseas without first taking out travel insurance with medical cover. Regardless of our destination, the peace of mind such a small outlay provides makes for a better trip.

But what about if you are travelling overseas for a lengthy period, say two months or more, and you are already paying a monthly premium to your Australian private health fund? In effect, you’re paying for the insurance twice.

Depending on your fund, you could save some extra money to enjoy on your holiday by making one phone call.

Most of Australia’s private health funds offer an option to suspend cover (and premiums) for members going overseas for up to two years (with conditions).

By suspending your policy, you don’t lose your benefits. Different funds have different stipulations, such as you must have been a member for a minimum period before you can suspend your policy, so contact your private health fund and get their specific requirements first.

Don’t forget that most health funds also offer discounted travel insurance for their members, so you could be saving twice!

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