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Muirfield Seminar Success

Muirfield Special Client Event Success | Geelong Financial Planning

We are pleased to hear all the positive feedback following our special client event ‘A Journey To The Top Of The World’ held at Skilled Stadium last night. Thank you to those who attended for creating a great atmosphere and making the night a success.

For those of you who missed out, our guest speakers were Alexandra Roos from Premium China Funds Management and adventurer, Mark George.

Our first guest speaker, Alexandra Roos is an Asian Investment Specialist with Premium China Funds Management.  Interestingly, China is now our largest trading partner, using 40% of the world’s metals and sells more new cars than any other country in the world.  Alexandra outlined how Australia is poised to take advantage of this opportunity through our close proximity and access to raw materials.

One of the amazing points Alexandra used to illustrate the scale of operations in China is the bridge that is so long (over 40km in length) they needed to build a hotel and a shopping complex in the middle!

The feedback from this presentation has been extremely positive and to make sure you do not miss out on any of the detail we have uploaded a copy of Alexandra’s presentation below.

Premium China Funds Management Presentation | Geelong Financial PlannersTo view a copy of the presentation click the image above or
right click here
and select ‘save as’ to download a copy.

Our second guest speaker, adventurer Mark George, a financial planning colleague of Muirfield, has an underlying passion to fully embrace the beauty, extremities and challenges that Mother Earth has to offer.

Mark presented his stories of human perseverance and determination and the presentation was truly amazing.  Mark inspired the audience with his stories of kayaking across Bass Strait, climbing the world’s highest peak, being chased by Polar Bears whilst trekking to the North Pole and tragically losing climbing partners within meters of the peak of Mount Everest.  His next challenge this summer is a walk to the South Pole!

The message Mark would like everyone to embrace in their lives is to ‘just keep climbing’ whenever you are presented with an obstacle or challenge.  Remember to always focus on where your feet need to go and not where they shouldn’t!

If you would like to discuss any of the information presented during the seminar please feel free to contact us.

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