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Cyber Security – How to protect yourself from fraud and scams

Cybersecurity threats have always been around, though 2022 showed a rapid escalation in data breaches involving major Australian companies.

The stakes are none higher when it comes to the security of your finances and at Muirfield we take it very seriously.  Keeping your data and finances safe from scams and fraud is our priority.  Our local team are trained to identify threats and proactively monitor your accounts for suspicious activity.

Rest assured, we are continually looking for opportunities to improve our systems and procedures.  Some policies we have in place might present as an inconvenience to you, though please be mindful, it is in the interests of your finances.  As an example, you might receive a follow up call from your investment provider for withdrawal requests of a significant value.  We will never honour a withdrawal request to a new bank account without speaking with you and getting a physical signature. 

In addition to measures Muirfield have in place, there are steps that each of you can take to protect yourselves and your finances.

Stay alert and look out for:

  • Unprompted contact via phone, email, SMS, or social media from unknown or unrecognised persons.
  • A sense of urgency for payment or action to update or provide your details or personal information.
  • Unusual communications style, using poor grammar or spelling, or calling on a delayed or distorted phone line.
  • Do not click on any hyperlinks from unknown senders in email, SMS, or on social media and never enter your username or password details on a link that you’ve been sent.
  • Create a secure password and update it every few years.
  • Set a low daily limit on your bank accounts.
  • Go direct to the source or check with family or other trusted persons to see if the interaction you’ve had is legitimate.

Our phone lines are open 5 days a week and we encourage you to call our office if you need any support surrounding online security.

We also recommend you familiarise yourself with the Government Scamwatch website which contains a list of known scams and threats.  Click here to view.

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