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A price on carbon in 5 easy steps

The topic is hard to avoid.

If you have been reading the newspapers, watching tv or listening to the radio lately you would notice that the biggest topic of conversation seems to be centered around the debate over the carbon tax.  But what exactly is it proposing?

For those of you that are still unsure what the tax is, we found that this short video below (whilst only a broad overview) provides some insight into the proposed carbon tax.

We do not provide this video to represent any particular view on the carbon tax, nor do we express our opinions over its validity or present any political views.  There continues to be some debate over this topic and we simply feel that this short video provides a succinct overview of the proposed carbon tax in under 2 minutes.

Make sure your speakers are turned on and then press play below to watch the video.

The carbon tax explained in under two minutes:


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