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2013 Autumn eNews

Technology – You are never too old!Muirfield FS Image

In this day and age we find most clients now have internet access and can regularly monitor their investment and superannuation portfolios.

We have clients in their 90’s, who use the computer to regularly communicate with others including their grandchildren.

From a business perspective, it has also made communication to our clients more efficient.  In the past a client letter could be posted and take a week for them to receive a reply via the post.  We now strive to achieve same day replies to client email communications.

We recently placed ‘iPads’ in our reception for client use and it was interesting to see a 75 year old lady, whilst waiting in reception, use our iPad to go online and get her bank balance prior to her appointment.

Times are changing rapidly and most seem to be embracing this.  Jump on the bandwagon or give us a call to see if we can bring you on board.

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