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2012 Summer Newsletter

Hello 2012 – Let’s be friends

After the investment challenges of the past few years, our New Year’s wish is to be a friend with 2012.

Naturally, as our friend, 2012 will provide us with greater predictability, lower investment volatility, double digit (positive!) investment returns, no global disasters, clear recovery in world economies and excellent personal health. Surely that is not asking too much? (For Best Friend status, we’d need World Peace and an improved Environment thrown in).

What we can report with certainty is the success Muirfield has achieved for our clients through our recent project to recover tax and find lost super. Since July’ 11, well over $80,000 has been returned to you.

We wish you a wonderful 2012 and remind you to take time to enjoy family, friends and holidays. Life is short and is to be lived!
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