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10 Ways A Financial Adviser Can Add Value

Financial Advice and investment performance seem the obvious, quantifiable value-adds a financial planning business can offer. 

We cannot hope to define every avenue for adding value in this article, however, over the last 30 years we believe our approach to providing advice and investment management enhances financial wellbeing, quantifiable in both dollars and sense. 

A sense of trust, understanding and control.

This is not to say that performance is unimportant it is simply that our clients are people, not portfolios. For many, entrusting their future to an Adviser is both a financial and an emotional commitment.  In addition to the tangible services we deliver, it is the “relationship” services we proudly offer clients that often add the most value.

1. Leadership, strategic direction, and goal clarification

We are your ‘how to’ guide. We will make every effort to understand (and in many cases help you to understand) what you want, when you might need it and how to set a plan to achieve it.

2. Emotional support, perspective, confidence, and accountability

Few of life’s journeys are smooth rides. Progress to most worthwhile goals – an academic qualification, running a marathon, saving for retirement – will be peppered with potholes and setbacks. Many people choose to fold their cards when the going gets tough. We can all suffer by making inappropriate decisions when under pressure.

We are your coach. We are your teammate.  Sometimes it might all seem too hard, sometimes you will be impatient. Sometimes you might even be scared. We’ll always be there for you.

3. A trusted resource

These times are truly the Golden Age of misinformation. The media, super funds, companies, and Governments all have their own agendas. Sometimes they align with the cause of the individual, sometimes not.

We are your trusted resource with the experience and education necessary to cut through the hype and fear.  We can help you turn down the ‘noise’ and provide a filtered, unbiased interpretation of events that may affect your goals. 

We will never exaggerate or overcomplicate what we can do for you.

4. An expert

The sophistication behind a financial plan is most often underestimated. This is because financial advice is intangible, and its benefits are most often only apparent after many years. Few people appreciate the expertise and experience required to assess the strategic impacts of superannuation, taxation, and social security legislation. And you’re forgiven for not having the inclination or time to review the terms and conditions of investment and insurance products.

We can tell you what a safe amount is.  Lead you on a secure path to achievement.  We can also work with you to understand when the right time to implement a strategy might be.

We bring capability to our relationship and offer you options to consider. We will never force you into decisions you’re not comfortable with, but our role is to put solutions on the table.

5. Time saving

Many people complain that they are too busy, even in retirement, but few people respect their time. After years of going it alone with multiple spreadsheets and bursting lever-arch files, the time and stress involved in managing your own personal financial affairs can be exhausting.

The filing, the research, the compliance, the administration – no longer your problem.

6. Education and empowerment

A large part of our role is to translate all the financial complexities and jargon into a format that helps you understand the reasoning behind our recommendations.  Collectively, it’s taken decades to accumulate the financial planning qualifications we hold.  Yet, we distil it all to keep it simple for you.

You will no longer feel in the dark but inspired and empowered to achieve.

7. Peace of mind, confidence, and security

Having a skilled Adviser as a partner through your financial journey provides confidence and reassurance that you have an expert by your side to guide you through the mounting list of financial decisions that lay ahead.

We love for our clients to have absolute peace of mind when we assist in managing their financial goals. We won’t be satisfied until we find a solution where you can pass the ‘sleep- at-night’ test.

8. Monitoring, scorekeeping, course correcting

This world is no longer suitable for the set-and-forget strategy. A great plan can soon become obsolete if important assumptions change.  Who would have thought interest rates could drop from 17.50% in January 1990 to 0.10% in November 2020?

People tend to believe that the chances of a successful outcome are much higher than they are. This is a common bias found in behavioural psychology called “Optimism Bias” (or locally “She’ll be right, mate”).

Sorry, she won’t be right. The financial pot needs to be watched. Sometimes the pot needs stirring and the heat needs adjusting. For the duration of your investment journey, you need to stay on track. 

We help you follow the recipe so you can enjoy the right outcome.

9. Ongoing discovery and new opportunities

Goals can change, and so can your attitudes and relationships. Not only must the plan be monitored, but the goals and relevancy of the roadmap must be tested.

We will research the most up-to-date products and investments and present solutions.  We might even identify risks you haven’t thought of.  Our approach is common sense that doesn’t cost the earth. We help you avoid traps, find new paths forward and make the most of what you’ve worked hard for.  We are in this together so consider us your safe and secure sounding board.

10. Proactive investment management

Yes, we also bring investment expertise to the relationship, but not in the way most people perceive it. We will rebalance your investments, ensure appropriate levels of diversification, and recommend quality investments suited to your goals and objectives. 

We will present ideas for change and explain the reasons why.  We will help you achieve a reasonable return, for a relative level of risk.   

Over 30 years we’ve developed a disciplined process for steadying the ship in rough seas.

If you have questions or think you might benefit from a Financial Advice relationship – we’d love to have a chat at no cost to you.

We have offices in Geelong and the Surf Coast and pride ourselves on being easy to reach on (03) 5224 2700.

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