Max Grant

Loyal | Honest | Curious | Cheerful

Studying Bachelor of Commerce, Deakin University


Max Grant | Para Planner

Qualifications & Membership

  • Bachelor of Commerce, Deakin University

Looking to get his start in Financial Planning, Max joined the Muirfield team in 2016. An inquisitive individual, who is exceedingly joyful and quick to learn, Max (and “not Matt”, if you speak to him on the phone) has truly ingratiated himself with team members and clients alike.

A born and raised child of Geelong, Max loves being in the centre of it all and has a keen knack for numbers. While most of us shied away from practising mathematical equations as children, Max was the one who wanted to do them again and again. Over time he’s taken his problem-solving skills from focusing on the multiplication tables and is now developing his abilities to help clients with their financial needs.

Beyond the world of numbers and the Sudoku puzzles he loves so much, Max can be found finishing his degree in Commerce, enjoying a game of golf or chess, out with his friends, or down in Anglesea with his parents and twin sister.


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