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Don't Lose Sleep and Money over Aged Care


The Aged Care process is easier than you think. We've created a simple and easy to use form to help you discover the fees and understand your options.

To discover your fees and make your Aged Care experience a simpler one, click the button relevant to your situation.


Understand Aged Care fees & charges

With Aged Care there are so many moving pieces that most find it overwhelming and confusing.  The industry as a whole is only getting more confusing and more expensive as time goes on and Australia's population continues to get increasingly older.

Confusion is the last thing you need as you or your loved one moves into care. Muirfield is here to relieve you of that stress.  Our fee calculator will explain to you what fees you or your loved one will be expected to pay and put you on the right path to discovering your next steps.

Discover options for the family home

The most common question we receive is whether or not the primary home has to be sold.  Sometimes, selling the home is a reasonable option as it provides the ability to pay lump sum care fees, but often and depending on your situation it is not necessary to sell. 

We can help you understand your situation and determine what your options for the home are.  Our Accredited Aged Care Professionals™ can assist you with structuring your finances in the best way to get the most of your hard-earned assets. 


Want to learn more about Aged Care fees?

Gain a better understanding

Let us take care of the paperwork

Filling out all those forms for Aged Care is often a daunting task.  We're here to simplify it all for you.  Our specialists can help you by managing all of the paperwork, ensuring that all of those important forms are filled out correctly and submitted promptly. 

Determine the impact on Centrelink and cash flow

Sometimes, but not always, moving to care can have an impact on Centrelink entitlements and cash flow.  In some cases, Centrelink payments can increase or even provide the opportunity to begin a pension entitlement. 

Our specialists can help you find out how your Centrelink entitlements and cash flow will be affected by a move and determine how to best structure your assets to get the most out of them as possible. 



What our clients say

"Working with Melinda Planken and Kate Officer on my mother's Centrelink forms was so beneficial and helpful.

There were many phone calls and emails back and forth and each and every one was handled professionally, clearly and in a timely manner. I was extremely grateful to have their support at a time when I felt overwhelmed with paperwork and the many other complexities of the Aged care system.

I would recommend their service wholeheartedly."

Jane Shaw

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