Lis Forsman

Ultra-Runner | Word Smith | Global Citizen | Penguin Enthusiast

Bachelor of Arts (English Literature & Asian Studies)


Lis Forsman | Project Officer

Qualifications & Memberships:

  • Bachelor of Arts (English Literature & Asian Studies)

After years of wandering and living around the globe, Lis decided to settle down in the Geelong-area and found her way to the Muirfield team in 2016. She now manages our client events and special projects.

Before starting at Muirfield, she worked in Fixed-Income Trading for an American company in Hong Kong; a Project Manager for a New York-based Mergers and Acquisitions firm; and as a Producer for CBS Radio.

Originally from New York, Lis claims 5 countries as “home” and speaks, in her words, “half-decent” Swedish and Mandarin Chinese.

Lis is an ultra-marathoner, despite the fact that she does not like running for exercise, and tries to complete at least one 250km desert race each year. Currently, she has her heart set on racing in Antarctica in 2018. Always wanting to give back, she spends most of her pre-race energy on fundraising for charities across the world and in 2015 successfully delivered clean water technologies to rural Bolivia.

When she’s not working or running herself into the ground, she loves surfing, sailing, swimming, plotting out her next attempt to hug a penguin, and travelling with her husband/partner-in-crime.


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