Aged Care

Financial guidance when moving a loved one into care.

Aged care can be a confusing area. Once needed, people often find the complexity of aged care overwhelming.

Muirfield Financial Services can help.


Making the decision to enter aged care can be a very emotional one and once needed, people often find the complexity of aged care overwhelming. Having to make the difficult decisions during such a stressful and emotional time can adversely affect the person entering care over the long term.

Accredited Aged Care Professionals™ Melinda Planken and Kate Officer can help you determine the costs applicable to your chosen facility, the impact on Centrelink entitlements, options for the family home, and cash flow strategies to ensure living needs will be met.

Individual circumstances will influence Aged Care fees and strategies - it is important any advice obtained is specific to the person entering care, prior to a decision being made.

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What our clients say

What our clients say

“Following my mother’s move to Residential Aged Care and Muirfield’s Aged Care expertise we have been able to effectively organise her financial affairs while getting her settled into her new home.  This was a financial maze that we could not negotiate on our own.”

Nola Pitts